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The Florence WTP required replacing and updates old equipment to improve the plant’s reliability, extend its operating life and meet stricter water quality regulations. Updating a 125-year-old water facility, it’s a high-risk, high-stakes undertaking.

To fulfil the task at hand, the district undertook two major improvement projects. Primarily upgrading the SCADA and control system, and overlapping that project, the second project involved upgrading the existing filtration building.

What is Scada Project?

We at BR Instrumentation & controls works on fact that of the potable water requires little to no pumping, as the water travels via a gravity feed from large storage tanks.

A Water Scada Projects system is an industrial computer which consists of both hardware and software components. The Treatment Plant Operators control treatment processes, observe treatment plant operations, and collect data for reporting using the SCADA system.

The earlier Water SCADA Project system was out of use and increasingly difficult to maintain due to shortage of replacement parts, many of which were discontinued by the manufacturers.

Newly developed Water SCADA Project system by us determined this issue, and provided added features to optimize treatment plant operations. The newly developed Water SCADA Project system is personalized to provide complete control access from various locations within the treatment plant, expand data storage capacity, develop data protection and backup, boost alarms and security, improve functionality, and provides redundancy.

Water SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Project has been configured to control various equipment and observe the water throughout this complete process.

Where Analog and digital input and output modules connect to :

  • Various Level transducers that track water levels in large reservoirs and tanks.
  • Every Pressure transducers in pipes that measure pressure in pounds per square inch (psi) within each zone and ensure that water is pumped and is flowing efficiently as its being delivered.
  • All Flow meters measure how many gallons of water per minute are being delivered.
  • Every Pressure-sustaining, pressure-reducing, and other valves that open and close incrementally to adjust the rate at which the water flows.

Our Water Scada Projects system monitors and control all water and reclaimed water for the targeted areas in Pune and all over India.

Basic SCADA system comprises of three large reservoirs impounds, 14 reservoirs, and 20 pressure-reducing stations used to supervise more than 500 miles of distribution pipeline.

The key components for Scada systems are :

  • Sensors
  • Conversion Units
  • Master Units
  • Communication Network

Considering every basic and advanced parameters we BR Instrumentation & controls provides Best Water Scada Projects in Pune and all over India.

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