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Mumbai, pune, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Maharashtra-BR Instrumentation & controls believes that the Smart City idea is the future of every modern-day urbanized city. “Every smart City has a unique wide variety of functions and features as well as precise commercial business opportunities. We as Smart City Contractor will now not only associate and converge amongst themselves to provide ‘smart' capabilities but will even start converging with variety participants within the surroundings in Pune and throughout India.

Imagine a town that manages important services—like transportation, water, and electricity—as connected, green networks. BR Instrumentation & controls – Smart City Contractor gives a network wherein structures use real time information to create awareness of upcoming situations.

Communications networks and the internet of factors extend connectivity throughout town sectors, property and citizens. In response, the range of smart answers and participants has giving importance to digital tech integration.

Smart City Services :

  • Master planning and Road mapping.
  • Program management.
  • Engineering design, procurement and construction.
  • Data management and analytics.
  • Collaborative partnership development.
  • Project funding services.

Smart City Components :

  • Government Initiatives
  • Enterprise Services
  • E-Commerce Initiatives

Smart City Contractor provides Community Special Services (Safe Schools, Safe Hospitals-Safe City) which is much more required and key parameter for building any smart city in Pune and all over India. Smart technology has already impacted most of our personal lives deeply, and more and more businesses rely on it to achieve better efficiency.