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The Water Supply and Sanitation Project for BR Instrumentation & controls objective is to improve the quality, efficiency and sustainability of Water Distribution Projects Contractor in Mumbai, pune, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Maharashtra

Water Distribution :

It is difficult to establish the exact degree of the importance of water to man in his journey of civilization. It is certain, however, that without water there would be no life of any kind on the earth and that, without water readily available in adequate quantity man's progress is tremendously difficult.

The responsibility for reducing this tremendous waste falls on governments and, specifically, on health administrations. It is the aim of BR Instrumentation & controls to Water Distribution Projects officials who must meet this challenge. Among those most directly concerned are public health administrators, medical officers of health, civil or sanitary engineers engaged in public health, and sanitarians.

It is of the utmost importance, therefore, that the best possible start to be made for BR Instrumentation & controls as Water Distribution Projects Contractor evolved as a result of experience collected from many parts of India.

  • Almost all small towns and villages in rural areas, more health benefits can be gained from money spent on a water-supply programme than in any other way.
  • There will be little public health benefits from a water supply which does not provide water in adequate quantity and quality and in a way convenient to the population.
  • The sanitary (or public health) engineer is the key element in the water programme.
  • Health administrations should take an active interest and play an important role in the promotion, execution, and management of Water Distribution Projects.